Read this if you want to get featured in 10 awesome online publications:

I have been getting a lot of in-bound calls, texts, and DMs about this press package that we rolled out last week.
Just to recap, here is what I did:
I went and pitched 10 different viral publications including:
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • MarketWatch
  • Buzzfeed
  • And 7 others.

And created a custom-media package for you.


Please note: 
This is a custom written media package that features you, your story, your company (if applicable) all in the editorial narrative of the publication.

This is not an ad.
This is press feature about you.

Actually it’s better than a press feature about it… its 10x press features about you!!

Just to show you some real life examples:
Here is how it works:
All you have to do is tell me you are interested and I do all the hard work!
10-Publication Feature Package Workflow
  1. You hire us
  2. We prepare your story
  3. We apply to each of the publications for you
  4. We recruit a writer at each publication to write your story
  5. We write the story for you
  6. You get to proof your story before it goes live for accuracy
  7. Then we double-proof it with our editors
  8. And we push it live
  9. We do this for all 10 publications
  10. And your have these stories about you and your business… forever
This is literally the deal of the year… and we do all the work for you.

The current offering is as follows:

10 Press and Media Outlet Mentions and Features Package

Mentioned in: 

  • Yahoo Finance
  • MarketWatch
  • Buzzfeed

Full Features in:

  • Hustlers Digest
  • Digital BuzzNow
  • Hustler Minds
  • Disrupt
  • Successful Hacks
  • Authority Daily
  • Yolo Daily

Media Investment (one-time): $3,999

Hire us to tell your story, and we do the work for you.
Send an email to with subject line “Press Package” and I will get you the details and kickoff the process.

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