Instagram and Facebook Messenger DM Closer Application

  • Our team is accepting applications Accepting Applications for Sales / Closing Services using DM on Instagram and Facebook
  • The current set of products to sell include: Social Media Growth (Celebrity and Influencer Giveaways and Shoutouts), Verification Services and Press Packages
  • We have the relationships with agencies and partners doing the giveaways and this is for a reseller service via IG/FB DM
  • We provide information on the products to sell, the scripting, and suggested conversation approaches all on DM.
  • Once the prospect commits to the sale, we will handle the direct fulfillment and ordering checkout process for you
  • This can be a “side hustle” from home, or a second job, or anything that you would like as long as you are following the process that we have laid out.
  • Typical payouts are $500 – $1,000 per sale, and paid out within 3-5 days of payment made.
  • Grasp of conversational english required
  • Friendly and collaborative team, you sell, we do the rest.
Watch the Training Webinar on the Exact Sales Process


  • Once you have watched the above video and you agree to the next steps, proceed below
  • Create a separate Instagram account for sales and closing purposes as directed by our team
  • Complete this onboarding form (1 minute)
  • If you have questions, email support at
  • Welcome 🙂